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Victoria Ballet Teachers

The Best in the Ballet

The team at is highly sought-after for their talent, experience and passion. They have trained and performed worldwide with leaders in the dance community, and are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge with their students.


Victoria Lee



Victoria is a Choreographer not only for ballet but also Grand Operas and Musicals. She’s been teaching ballet since 1995 in South Korea and studied in London. She start her own ballet school in 2005. It has been successfully organized with 2 more branches in South Korea. 

With her fantastic ability as a teacher and director, Victoria opened a new studio in Campbell(February 2022).

She Studied in Busan High School of Art, Busan Nations University, and (she learn Vaganova method from Professor Byung su Min. He was Ph.D Ballet Technics in Saint Peterburg in Russia. He was principle in Saint Peterburg Ballet Company in Russia) Laban Center in London. She had master degree in Computer Music. Her thesis is ‘Realtime A.I generating Geomungo ’Sanjo’ Music Program’ in 2007 and she studied Aesthetics of Philosophy in Univ. She worked in university as a lecturer in Computer music class for 3 years.

After she made her own ballet school, She focused on her student’s Visions and dream. Victoria has an excellent track record in producing outstanding ballet dancers. She fully supported students who wanted to go to Europe, where her students went into the top ballet schools.  Many of ‘Victoria’s Kids’ have gone on to leading Ballet schools such as John Crako Ballet School, Hamburg Ballet School, Palucca, Berlin Ballet School, Frankfurt Music and Dance college, Vienna Conservator Univ. Nuernberg Ballet Academy, SOZO, etc… Her unique Ballet training were welcomed in top ballet schools.

Victoria has over 25 years of teaching experience. Learning from a experienced teacher like Victoria is a rare opportunity.

Victoria continues her dedication to learning and training as a ballet teacher. She keep up with the cutting edge of ballet and make it her mission to educate the next generation of ballet dancers. 


Sophie Kim

Trainee Teacher

Ballet Profile

2018~2020, 2021~2022 San Francisco Ballet School student
2019 Victoria Ballet school Production
2019 Onstage Platinum Award, Standout Award for Control, Standout Award for Technique
2019 San Francisco Ballet Student Showcase (As level 2 student)
2019 WBAC semi-finals 3rd place, finals 8th place
2020 Groove competition Elite Diamond Award
2020 Midsummer Night’s Dream ballet production (as a bug)
2020 WBAC Live Stream Finals top 15 award
2021 YAGP finalist
2021 SAB summer intensive 
2021 San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker production (as a butterfly)
2022 San Francisco Ballet Student Showcase (as a level 5 student)
2022 WBAC semi-finals 3rd place, Finals 4th place
2022 IBC finalist 
2023 YAGP Semi-finals Top 24, New Generation Ballet scholarship
2023 WBC Finalist

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 9.35.11 PM.png

Lauren Do

K-POP Teacher

Lauren Do is a recent magna cum laude graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Cognitive Science. Growing up, she was trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, but eventually focused on her passion for jazz and open-style choreography. Throughout her high school years, she was her school’s Dance Department President, as well as captain for their varsity dance team, which specialized in jazz and pom. She was also an assistant dance teacher for children during her high school summers, teaching beginner’s jazz to elementary and middle schoolers. In college, she was involved in various teams, ranging from hip-hop to K-pop to ballroom. She was one of the Creative Directors for JK Kazoku Kajok, an open-style dance team founded under UCSC’s Japanese Student Association and Korean-American Student Association, serving as a main choreographer and organizer for their performances. She also co-founded Starchrome, a K-pop dance team focused on live performances, competitions, as well as filmed public performances.

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