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If you take one of classes or private lessons, you become a member. For a new student, one-time, non-refundable registration fee $80 will be charged after the purchase of classes or private lessons. Membership will end if you terminate this contract or if you don’t take consecutive classes or lessons after your current classes or lessons end. If you’re a returning student after your membership ended, non-refundable re-registration fee $40 will be charged after the purchase of classes or private lessons.


All the classes and private lessons are non-refundable except for the exceptional cases stated in the following. You may cancel this contract with a refund of which amount is equal to the unused / remaining tuition, if you relocate your residence further than 25 miles from any school operated by Victoria Ballet & beyond. This contract may also be cancelled in a case of death, or if the studio ceases operation at the location where you entered into this contract. If you become disabled, you shall have the option of (1) being relieved of liability for payment on that portion of the contract term for which you are disabled by paying a cancellation fee for an amount equal to 30% of the remaining contract, or (2) extending the duration of the original contract at no cost to you for a period equal to the duration of the disability. You must prove such disability by a doctor’s certificate, which shall be enclosed with the written notice of disability sent to the studio.


The tuition fees should be paid in full before the start of the corresponding classes or private lessons. If you’re going to enroll the class after the start date of period of classes, contact Victoria Ballet & beyond, if available, you may be suggested prorated tuition fee or credit of classes for the next term.


Any payments not received within one week (7 days) of the collection date will result in a $50 Late Fee, which may be drawn automatically if applicable. An extended delay of tuition payment may result in further collection procedures and/or legal action.

If a check is returned, there will be a $30 Non-Sufficient Funds Fee added on.


Victoria Ballet reserves the right to alter the days and/or hours of operation, the curriculum and the amount of classes you’re entitled to attend, if deemed necessary. Victoria Ballet does not guarantee that you will reach a certain level of competence within any specific time frame and that students’ obtaining a certain defined level of competence may be either delayed or accelerated due to changes in the curriculum or as deemed necessary by Victoria Ballet. The student and co-signer agree unconditionally to pay the corresponding tuition without regard to the attendance made or classes missed, until paid in full.


Release and Waiver of Liability

The student/member & guarantor, if applicable, on behalf of yourselves, members of your family, your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby forever release, discharge and hold harmless, Victoria Ballet representatives and agents for any injury, loss, or damage to your person or property howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with taking part in ballet / pilates / dance classes and activities and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of Victoria Ballet representatives or agents.


Agreement of the policy

Purchasing classes or private lessons is considered as your agreement on the policy above.

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