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Our Philosophy

A small habit learned as a child stays with you for the rest of your life,
and the arts education received in childhood leaves a huge impact on a person's life.
Not all of us want to be ballerinas, but how beautiful would it be if we could learn correctly from the start, learn politely, learn passionately, think independently, and develop a passion for helping and caring for each other? We are composed of teachers with the best experience in the field of ballet as educators, choreographers and directors with combined experience that spans over 100 years. Now, with a humble attitude and faithfulness to the essence, we want to show that the same opportunity for ballet can be given to not just certain people, but for all those who have learned ballet scientifically and systematically, by helping children learn correct postures and movements, and by helping them realize for themselves. Among these, there are definitely children who will become famous ballet dancers. However, I am sure that they will grow into wonderful leaders in other fields as well, with a lot of experience, training, and habits gained through ballet education. Education is a 100-year plan. Victoria Ballet will work together for the next generation who will be responsible for the next 100 years.
- Victoria

VB Education Process

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*Elite Courses are only available upon auditions
General Courses
In these classes we establish a strong foundation of technique and understanding of ballet. Mastering the basics prepares the students to layer in more complex elements of musicality and coordination, while maintaining clean and beautiful form.
Elite Courses
Intensive classes build upon an already established foundation of basic technique and knowledge. Geared for the student on track to be a professional, we work on refining form and expanding technique to meet the demands of current repertoire, choreography, and physicality. We achieve these improvements through following a structured and cohesive syllabus.
Being a part of the competition team gives young dancers a taste of what it is like to be in a ballet company through the rehearsal and performance process. It is an opportunity for further refinement and thoughtfulness through working on variations and challenging repertoire. This process also builds the stamina and confidence necessary for performing beautifully and competently.
Victoria Ballet Youth Company
VBYC provides an unparalleled opportunity for committed and gifted students to elevate their craft. Our mission is to enrich their performance repertoire through meticulous rehearsals and immersive coaching sessions. While maintaining the rigorous nature of the program, we also prioritize cultivating the students' deep appreciation and reverence for the art of ballet.
Adult Classes
For our adult classes we aim to empower the dancers through their understanding of form and movement. We methodically build technique in a joyful and uplifting environment that can make anyone fall in love with ballet! It is a transformative experience for both mind and body that connects people to themselves in a profound way.​

Our Teachers

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Victoria Lee

Victoria is a Choreographer, not only for ballet but also for Grand Operas and Musicals. She’s been teaching ballet since 1995 in South Korea and studied in London. She started her own ballet school in 2005. It has been successfully organized with 2 more branches in South Korea. With her fantastic ability as a teacher and director, Victoria opened a new studio in Campbell(February 2022).

Victoria studied in Busan High School of Art, Busan Nations University, and Laban Center in London (she learn Vaganova method from Professor Byung Su Min. He was Ph.D Ballet Technics in Saint Peterburg in Russia. He was principle in Saint Peterburg Ballet Company in Russia). She also has a master degree in Computer Music. Her thesis was ‘Realtime A.I generating Geomungo ’Sanjo’ Music Program’ in 2007, and studied Aesthetics of Philosophy in university. She worked in university as a lecturer in Computer Music class for 3 years.

After she made her own ballet school, She focused on her student’s Visions and dream. Victoria has an excellent track record in producing outstanding ballet dancers. She fully supported students who wanted to go to Europe, where her students went into the top ballet schools.  Many of ‘Victoria’s Kids’ have gone on to leading Ballet schools such as John Crako Ballet School, Hamburg Ballet School, Palucca, Berlin Ballet School, Frankfurt Music and Dance college, Vienna Conservator Univ., Nuernberg Ballet Academy, SOZO, etc… Her unique Ballet training is welcomed in top ballet schools.

Victoria has over 26 years of teaching experience. Learning from a experienced teacher like Victoria is a rare opportunity. Victoria continues her dedication to learning and training as a ballet teacher. She keep up with the cutting edge of ballet and make it her mission to educate the next generation of ballet dancers. 

Katerina Bousleli

Instructor for Contemporary Dance 

Aikaterini (Katerina) Bousleli is an experienced and highly trained dancer, dance teacher and
choreographer with a strong background in classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance.
She grew up and studied dance in Greece, where she gained a strong dance foundation. She
holds an M.A. in Theatre Arts from the San Francisco State University, which has provided her
with a deep knowledge of the performing arts and the importance of dramaturgy into the
choreographic process and composition. She has worked with several contemporary dance
companies in Greece (b.area.4, Faos, Redance, and Animotus), while in 2020 she joined the
Kinetech Arts dance company with artistic director Daiane Lopes da Silva, based in San
Francisco. Katerina has been teaching for over ten years, but in the last years she orients on
contemporary dance and choreography. Through her class she explores the connection
between the moving body and gravity, releasing any muscle tension and developing the flow of
the movement. Her class utilizes improvisational scores to discover the function of the body, as
well as movement combinations which travel through the floor to the standing position.



Trudy Kim

Instructor for Adult Ballet and General Ballet 3

Trudy Kim studied ballet at her home studio in Ballet Petit (Hayward, CA) and received additional training under the guidance of Yoira Brito, Amparo Brito, and Jorge Esquivel. Starting 2016, Trudy began training with Kaori Ogasawara. She has attended multiple summer intensives, including programs at the San Francisco Ballet, Kirov Academy of Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, Ellison Ballet, and Royal Danish Ballet. She received full scholarships to study year-round at the Kirov Academy of Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and Ellison Ballet in New York City. She also competed at YAGP and CDC, placing in the Top 12 and first for classical variations respectively. She has performed lead roles in many full-length ballets including The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and more. 


Trudy recently graduated from Stanford University as a Human Biology major with a concentration in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Behavior. She is currently working at the Stanford School of Medicine as a Clinical Anatomy Scholar and plans on starting medical school in 2024. 


Trudy has been teaching ballet for a few years at her local ballet studios and looks forward to meeting the Victoria Ballet community. Trudy is dedicated to teaching both the technical and artistic aspects of ballet and hopes to help nurture the next generation of artists. 

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Sophie Kim

Instructor for General Ballet 2 and 1

Meet Sophie, our esteemed ballet teacher, renowned for her deep grasp of Victoria's ballet philosophy. As an inspiring mentor, Sophie empowers aspiring ballerinas with her diverse training, spanning Vaganova, Balanchine, and Royal methods. Her approach balances tradition and innovation, infusing contemporary flair into classical technique. Sophie's mentoring extends beyond technique, embracing individuality and overall growth. A true disciple of Victoria's philosophy, she tailors training to each student's unique attributes, unlocking their fullest potential.

Notably, Sophie's teaching prowess shines in children's classes, reflecting her dedication and skill. Join us for a transformative ballet journey under Sophie's expert guidance. 

Ballet Profile 
2021 - YAGP finalist
2021 - SAB summer intensive 
2021 - San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker production (as a butterfly)
2022 - San Francisco Ballet Student Showcase (as a level 5 student)
2022 - WBAC semi-finals 3rd place, Finals 4th place
2022 - IBC finalist 
2023 - YAGP Semi-finals Top 24, New Generation Ballet scholarship
2023 - WBC Finalist
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Ren (Haryun Peun)

Instructor for General Ballet 1 and Petit Ballet 

Ren, born and raised in South Korea, began her journey in the world of performing arts at the age of 10 when she joined children's theater troupe "Dongjock Nara(East World)". There, she started her journey by taking on roles in stage productions inspired by Korean folklore and legends, such as "Hong Gildong." Driven by a desire to excel in musical theater, Ren ventured into the world of ballet, where she eventually fell in love with this art form. To pursue ballet more seriously, she enrolled in Sunhwa Arts School, specializing in ballet and enrolled in elite ballet training run by Korea National University of Arts where she learned Vaganova styles. During this time, she actively participated in artistic festivals and competitions, steadily building her experience and skills.

As she entered her twenties, Ren's passion for dance expanded beyond ballet. She explored various dance genres rooted in African American dance culture, including hip-hop, house, locking, tap dance, and jazz, further diversifying her repertoire beyond ballet. She is truly excited to share her experiences and nurture young artists at Victoria Ballet

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