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2023-2024 Courses [Palo Alto]

The regular ballet classes of Victoria Ballet are annual programs (August 2023 ~ May 2024).

Please first fill out this registration form if you've not done.

Monthly Installments

To register with monthly installments (10 month equally), please use the links below. 

While registering from the below links, you'll be directed to create MindBody account if you don't have one.

Please do not add a family account for your children. If you want to show your child name in your account, you can add your child name with parentheses in the profile, for example, First Name: Victoria (Sophie) Last Name: Lee

If you want annual or semiannual payment, please contact

A registration fee is added at the first purchase ($100 for new students and $80 for returning students)

If you have any question, please contact

Petit (1/week)

$160 / month

Ballet I (1/week)

$170 / month

Ballet II (1/week)

$180 / month

Ballet II (2/week)

$260 / month

Ballet III (1/week)

$250 / month

Ballet III (2/week)

$420 / month

Ballet 3.5 (2/week)

$580 / month, audition required

Ballet 4.5 (3/week)

$750 / month, audition required

Ballet 5.5 (3/week)

$800 / month, audition required

Ballet G (2/week)

$800 / month, audition required

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