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Campbell Registration

Registration for the 2023-2024 Victoria Ballet is open.

For Yearly and Semiannually payments, please send them to Venmo or check by May 25th 2023.
For Monthly payment, please provide your card details to Victoria in-person for security reasons.

From this year, the registration fee is changed to be paid at the beginning of the year. It is $80 for existing students and $100 for new students. Please pay an additional $80 when paying on May 25th, 2023. (Registration Fee is excluded for all Summer Programs and Trial Class)

Also, if you do not register and pay in advance by May 25,2023, you cannot guarantee a spot. The Elite Course only offers 8 spots and the General Course offers 12 spots. 

General Courses

"General Courses" are built and designed as a perfect introduction for children who are interested in ballet.
The classes are based on ballet's basic skills and movements, but it is programmed to discover children's individuality and enjoy dance and music through creation and improvisation.

General Courses (Campbell) Schedule

August 16th 2023 - May 2024
Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 12.23.53 PM.png

Tuition Options

General Course Tuition_3x.png
NOTE: Our payment system has changed. If you pay be YEARLY or SEMIANNUALLY instead of the current monthly payment, you can safely guarantee your child's spot, and it will be a better option than monthly payment

We Have Trial Classes!

First time visitor or don't know your level yet? No worries!
We have trial class on Fridays so book and join now.